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i like sj a whole lot

sj is having a comeback 

lots of sj

Super Junior MAMACITA Teasers

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2008.09.29 16:45 Cyworld Entry

내가 지금 있는곳 .
편안한 안식처 ..
이제부터 찾아가는 나만의 방식의 내모습 ..
나도 궁금하네

to 김종운, kim jongwoon, yesung. to our beloved prince of clouds, happy 31st birthday.

to be honest, i’m at a loss for words. over the last four years i feel like i’ve said everything i ever needed to about you (and that certainly was a lot!) ..of course, that doesn’t stop me from repeating myself often.

you? you are handsome as ever, cryptic as ever, insecure as ever. you might grow older but i feel like your heart is growing younger. although the past year has been empty of your voice and performances on stage, you urge us consistently that you miss it and will return to us soon. you are so dedicated to keeping a close relationship with your clouds that in the oddest times i question why would you bother in such a way… but isn’t that just the way you are? a talented prince with a big heart, who likes to show he cares (even on his own rainy days).

i can’t forget the times you’ve fallen and hurt yourself, the times you were sick and performed anyway, the times when you urged the public to take you seriously as a singer. like everyone else, you have had difficult times and struggles, and you still manage to be an admirable hard worker who works towards his goals.

any hint of sadness in your short communications with ELF are like a needle in my heart. are you really lonely? and gloomy? why, and what can we do to make it better? to me, you are the one that pushed me off the edge and helped me start really living my life, and find confidence in myself, and for that, you are someone who doesn’t ever deserve to be sad and lonely.

it’s strange to write to you these days, especially because even if i COULD speak korean, i would never say to your face (i guess i didn’t grow out of my shyness, while you managed to do so). i wish there was a way for clouds to assure you that the walls put up between fans and singers don’t have to be so high, that we are people who have dealt with difficult problems too, and if you’re lonely, you don’t have to be alone. but that’s every ELF’s wish for all of super junior, right?

i guess i’m rambling now, and it’s time to close with my wish for you. i, and we, are anxiously waiting for you to return to the stage. it has been a long wait, but we are closer to the end than the beginning, and soon i will have to stop holding my breath. as always, i wish you every happiness, and warmth in the coming winter, and ambition for your every endeavor. i know it’s getting old, but i really love you a lot still, and you haven’t yet caused me to doubt that, at heart, you are a good person.

eat lots of cake, Happy Birthday Yesung! ♥

p.s. do you have a girlfriend yet??

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