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idc what a lot of ppl say about america

im proud to be an american

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Hi everyone. I’ve never done this before but I think this is my last resort. It would be great even if you just shared this! (I’d be truly grateful if you donated too.)

My mom, Lucille Feliciano also known as Gina, is the most hard working and altruistic woman I know. You may think that I’m only saying this because she’s my mom, but ask anyone. They’ll all tell you how compassionate and hard working she is. She works as a caretaker in a facility but on her days off, she cleans multiple houses a day. And in her spare time, she caters delicious Filipino food. 

"Tita Gina is one of the most warm hearted people I know & is always optimistic. Her enthusiasm always brightens moods." - Ashley-Nicole Reyes (Niece) 

(More testimonials will come)

On the night of August 7, 2014, my mom was coming home from a long and hard day of work. In the morning, her caretaking job and in the afternoon, she traveled to Alameda (across the bay bridge) to clean a home. As she was driving down Commercial Avenue (in South San Francisco), she noticed that a black Lexus was backing out of a driveway. She immediately slowed down and gave the Lexus a large amount of space. Suddenly, the black Lexus backed up with full force, giving my mom no time to react whatsoever. After hitting my mom, she immediately put her car back into the driveway. 

My mom described to me how she was shaking and trembling in fear, and how she noticed that the woman who hit my mom was on her phone the whole time. She was not paying attention to her surroundings because she was talking on the phone. The woman called the police, and even came to apologize to my mother. "Oh, I’m sorry! It’s all my fault," she said. When exchanging details the woman told my mother "Don’t worry! It’s only money." 

The next day, unable to work because of the tremendous pain she had on her neck, we visited a chiropractor after receiving an okay from the insurance company. Before being able to receive treatment, the receptionist made a few calls to both insurance companies to find that the lady who hit my mom was also trying to claim injuries, calling my mom a liar, and lying about how my mom hit her car on purpose. 

Without receiving any treatment, my mom ached for weeks. Battling the insurance companies became futile. As a result, we are left with a broken car. Sometimes the engine turns off while shes driving, and the wheels aren’t aligned properly. It’s 1997 Chrysler, so it’s seen its days. Everyday, my mom still uses this car despite it being dangerous to drive. Her safety is my number one priority. 

*****EDIT: MONDAY SEPT 8, 2014*****
I forgot to add the reason why battling with insurance became futile. My mother is not fluent in english. I was not around to help her speak to the insurance agencies so I did not actually find out why everything was taking so long to resolve everything until I sat in one of their phone conversations one day. Basically the reason why the black Lexus lady’s insurance did not accept my mother’s side of the story is because she had been using the word “garage” instead of “drive way” when explaining her story. They did not offer her any translation services in the beginning but neither did my mom know it was even possible to even be assisted. They even had the black Lexus lady take a photo of her garage that was FULL of stuff just to show that my mom was lying. (Also asked for measurements of her driveway and garage + a whole bunch of other nonsense.) While our insurance agency said that the evidence did prove that the black Lexus was at fault, their insurance had stuck with my moms english error mistakes as their arguement (even when it was explained extensively that my mom had made a mistake due to her limited english skills!!). Also, I want to post this as more evidence as to why it does not make sense for my mother to have hit the black Lexus lady. 

I know I’m asking for a lot, but this is all I can do for my mother. (I figured if the internet can raise 15k for a bowl of potato salad, then they too can help my mother who’s in need.) I can’t work because I’m a full time student at a local university. My mother is my families breadwinner and this is why I’m seeking help for a woman who truly does deserve this. Thank you so much. If you can’t donate, It would mean a lot if you can share this page.

Here’s the gofund me page. 

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